What to wear for an engagement photo session

Engagement Session:
what to wear

- Engagement photos you will love!! -

Tip One:Comfort

These set of photos will be with you for a very long time, no doubt we want them to be great and uniquely yours. What you wear and how comfortable you are during the session will greatly dictate how good the photos will look. You want the clothes to showcase you but at the same time compliment each other. Throughout the questionnaire I places some tips and guidance to assist you in choosing the right outfits.


When it comes to what to wear, the most important factor to consider is your comfort. If you dress according to the location and the weather at the time, you two will be cozy and relaxed and the results will be a pleasant and enjoyable session.

A typical session takes around two hours. Chances are you will be moving a lot and find yourself sitting on different surfaces. Photos look so much better when clothing are cozy and relaxed so choose something you can move in effortlessly. Tight clothes, very short skirts and high heels are great for a short period of time or if you are really used to them. If you want photos in classy high stilettos make sure to also bring with you comfy flat shoes when just walking from place to place.

Some couples like to buy something new for their session and that’s fine but make sure you wear it a bit before just to make sure you are truly comfortable it it. That goes especially for new shoes.

Match Outfits to location

If you are an active couple and would like a shoot in a forest on a bike or on a lake in a canoe then plan your outfit accordingly. A tie, a jacket or a skirt and high heels will look great in an urban settings. A more elegant look might suit a downtown hotel lobby or any other fancy interior. Of course, we can always try some contrast, as long as it goes well with your vision.

Another important aspect of location is color. If you are in the park with green all around you, a green dress will not go well. Red and yellows will be a much better choice. Same goes if we shoot Downtown in the evening, instead of a busy plaid shirt, a muted color outfit will go well with the neon lights. Pastel colors will do great in a more urban, dusty gritty look. Well, you get the idea.

Weather / Season

Showing up in a short skirt or an open shirt in October (in Montreal) will not be your best choice of outfit (most of the times). When the weather calls for it, layer it up! or, lose the layers.

Deep colors like Navy and dark brown go well if shooting in the fall when the red and orange hues all around. Layer them up and use hats and scarfs to give it a cozy warm look. Pastel go well in the summer months, especially on linen, a summer fabric. The most important thing is…be comfortable! How you dress will affect how long you smile

Be comfortable
Keep personal / be yourself

Tip Two: Style

Compliment, don’t match

When planning your outfits it’s best to do it together. Choose cloths that Compliment each other and at the same time be true to your own style. For example, if you love large colorful hats, have your fiance matching his shirt or a tie to your red hat. If he has a favourite jacket, match a scarf to it. Or how about a beautiful large necklace matching his tie. Matching fabrics and textures is also a good idea, a blue linen dress to match his taupe linen summer jacket, wool scarf to wool coat etc.


Layers are a great way to express fashion. From vests to t-shirt under a shirt to hats, gloves, sweaters etc. Layers can add depth and colors to your outfit. Of course it all depends on weather but there is always a way to add a layer, even in hot days. Layers also help transform your outfit and create a different look. We can use it when shooting in the shade and then loose it when in the sun. So don’t forget to bring some clothing pieces to pimp up your look.


Although accessories are more of a women thing men can greatly contribute in that department. accessorizing can tie your outfit together and put an exclamation mark on your statement. From colorful necklaces to bold belts to hearing, watches ankle bracelet and the list is long.

Matching hats to shoes or bracelets to ties can add so much to your outfits.

Dress for the same event

Make sure you both look like you are going to the same event. Wearing high heels shoes with a classy black dress does not go well with his jeans and a “Habs” jersey, or vice versa.

When coordinating don’t forget the little things like accessories, shoes and hairdo. If she is wearing a beautiful necklace, try not to wear the leather necklace with a shark tooth. If she is wearing killer high heels sandals wear your evening shoes. If she had her makeup and hair done, why not get a haircut too.

Keep it personal / Be yourself

In an engagement session you will the opportunity to wear several outfits. This way if one of you wants a more elegant look and the other wants to wear his/hers favourite team jersey, we can do both. Keep each other happy with your personal taste and style.The important thing is to be yourself.

Two styles: Casual and dressy

If you have a hard time deciding between dressy or casual, I would recommend dressy. However, why not bring both? We can start with dressy and then change into a more casual outfit. Of course don’t forget to bring shoes and accessories that match. Don’t worry, the car carries it all so better bring more than less.

Think about Makeup & Hair (hint: Yes!)

This is a great opportunity to try your make-up and hair artists’ skills. It’s a bit of an investment but it will help you be more confident on wedding day. Besides, even when wearing casual clothes hair, make-up and shoes can make a huge difference.

Show your assets
Two different outfits
Plan it together

Accessories & Props


Many couples are very content with a classic session and that’s great. However, why not spice it up a bit, even if it is just for a few shots. You probably will never do it again so it is a good opportunity to get some unique photos for many years to come.

Some ideas of themes are:

  1. Picnic in a park or on a field
  2. Sport theme (canoe or bikes)
  3. Night time Downtown (evening wear)
  4. Vintage clothing
  5. Winter shoot
  6. Public transportation

Be yourself / be bold / use themses

Final Thoughts

Bring a bag with a brush, make-up, sun cream etc.

All tips above should be treated as suggestions only of course. However, remember that your outfits and overall presentation makes half of the success of the shoot.

When doing a photo shoot I give it 100% effort! I show up with very expensive equipment, lots of knowledge and the will to have a great session, it is only fair that you commit the same thought and effort. After all, these will be your pictures.

So put some good thought into it, ask as many questions as you like, don’t be afraid to suggest a silly theme, plan your outfits carefully, have a haircut, have a pro doing your make-up, it’s all going to pay off. Those images will be with you for a very long time

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