Henny and Joe Engagement photo session. West Island Montreal engagement photos and Casual Portraits.

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Henny and Joe engagement photo session

Henny & Joe Engagement Photos

Henny and Joe Engagement Photo session In the western tip of Montreal and on the shores of the Saint Laurent River, there is a small “bedroom community” called Baie-D’Urfe. A beautiful rural town, Baie-D’urfe is full of charming large homes built many years ago on spacious lots. In addition, large Oak trees that go back hundreds of years are everywhere provide ample spots for awesome photos. Like all West Island suburbs, Baie-D’urfe is full of charming spots for couples and engagement photo session. The location has art galleries, a couple of small cafés and a restaurant. That’s where we met one afternoon to have a couple of Lattes and get to know each other. Opposites attract Henny and Joe really compliment each other. Henny is a red head with a matching personality. She is…

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