Leyla’s Montreal boudoir photography session in a sexy little loft in Downtown Montreal

Leyla's Boudoir Session

- in a sexy little loft -

Leyla montreal boudoir photography

Leyla’s Boudoir Photography

I find boudoir photography to be one of the most challenging forms of photography. Boudoir photography is an exciting genre and lately is becomes very popular with new brides, as well as more mature women. This session was one of the first Boudoir I have ever done. Needless to say, I was nervous.

A nervous start

I arrived at Leyla’s flat a bit too early. It’s always better to arrive earlier than later. I picked up the phone and called to let her know I arrived.
“Oh no!” She said nervously “I am not ready yet!”
“No problem!” I said, a bit taken aback, ” I need to make a couple of phones calls anyway, is 20 minutes OK?
“Yes”, she sounded relieved “20 minutes will be perfect”.

I was a bit amused and was wondering if maybe she’s been having a bad day. Leyla always sounded cheerful and happy the previous times we spoke. Oh well, I am used to “blind dates”. Being a portrait photographer I do most of my work at people’s home and boudoir photography is no different. Nine out of ten I never meet them before the day of the photo session. However, I am yet to be disappointed or put off by a client so far. Maybe I should have postponed the boudoir photography session? mmmm…

Always take more gear than you need

I took my time getting my gear from the trunk. It was raining and was more difficult than usual pulling my Body Bag from my trunk. Yes, that’s how I call it. Why Body Bag? Well, you should see it. It weighs as much as an average person and if this person was fairly flexible he could fit in this bag quite easily. Good thing it has wheels. I was approaching the building with my camera bag on my shoulder, the body bag dragging behind me and with a huge golf umbrella. I looked like a bloody sales man. Not that I have anything against sales men. As long as they do not knock on my door.

“12th floor” she said when i finally buzzed her intercom. The elevator door open and she was standing in the hall next to her door waiting for me. She apologized no less than five time explaining to me why she panicked. I laughed in relief realizing that this was just a woman’s thing. Leyla wanted to make sure she looked her absolute best before inviting me into her apartment.

Leyla montreal boudoir photography

Leyla montreal boudoir photography

Boudoir photography can take place (almost) anywhere

Case in point to all those who say that their place is too small, too ugly, too messy to use for a portrait or a boudoir shoot. I find myself explaining again and again why none of that really matters. If you read that wondering if your place is suitable for any kind of portrait session, well, without seeing it I can assure you it is.

This apartment was definitely not ugly but at about 400 sf (including the balcony and the closet) it was small. When you live in such limited space it is hard to keep items like clothing too organized, especially if you are as fashionable and shopping lover as Leyla. She could definitely use another room for her outfits. Anyway, it added to the charm of the place. Besides, we were doing a boudoir photography session and since the apartment was practically just a bedroom, it suits us just fine.

There was not much make-up on her make-up table and I was wondering, seeing her make-up, where she hid it all. “It’s all in the drawers” she said reading my mind “I thought I’ll organize it here a bit”. “Your make-up looks perfect” I said to her. I felt a bit sheepish saying that. Andrea was supposed to join me but something came up and she couldn’t make the appointment. “Not a problem!” said Leyla when I explained that it is a bit of last minute and I can’t get a make-up artist, “I am very good at that”. She sure is. Her make-up was perfect. It turned out she has years of experience working at her moms Beauty Salon as a kid.

Leyla was putting last few touches of make-up and we started conversing on how small downtown apartments were when the sun came out and the whole place (the whole 400 sf of it) just brighten up. “Quick” I told Layla “Let’s take advantage of the light”. She jumped on her bed and gave me this a nice smile.

That was a good start for a fun shoot.

Leyla montreal boudoir photography

Leyla montreal boudoir photography Leyla montreal boudoir photography Leyla montreal boudoir photography Leyla-montreal-boudoir-photography-2 Leyla-montreal-boudoir-photography-2 Leyla-montreal-boudoir-photography-2 Leyla montreal boudoir photography Leyla montreal boudoir photography

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