Tammy & Dave lakeside wedding ceremony, what a great wedding idea.

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Tammy & Dave Lakeside wedding ceremony

Tammy and Dave Lakeside wedding ceremony

Lakeside wedding ceremony?... What a great wedding idea! A cottage up North are magic words in the middle of a hot summer. Your mind starts imagining a log cabin on the edge of a lake with its sharp roof-slope and hundreds of trees isolating you from any road. A canoe floating next to a small dock, a cold beer in your hand and just plain silence. It’s you and nature and maybe some rowdy kids jumping off from a raft in the middle of the lake. So needless to say that when I heard the details I thought "lakeside wedding ceremony? what a great idea" Lakeside wedding ceremony?..Means a very long drive Getting to most cottages up North does takes a fairly long drive. Being far from civilization is the idea after all. However,…

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