The Godox AD200 and it's flawless integration with the Godox V860II-N, the best TTL flash around.

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The Godox AD200

AD200 with Fresnel head

a complete photography kit for events and portraits As a location photographer, I always lug equipment to people's home, offices or a venue. Even a small family portrait warrants 2-3 equipment bags, if not more. When looking to upgrade my tools I needed them to be mobile and reliable, however, I also needed it to be quick to setup. One thing I wanted most of all, no cables. It can get rather interesting when kids run around and touch every cable you take out of the bag. They are known to break and it's just one more thing you might forget behind. Forgetting a small cord means a lot of weight carried for nothing. So my new motto was NO MORE CABLES. It means , battery and radio receiver both have to be contained…

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