AD200 with Fresnel head

The Godox AD200

a complete photography kit for events and portraits As a location photographer, I always lug equipment to people’s home, offices or a venue. Even a small family portrait warrants 2-3 equipment bags, if not more. When looking to upgrade my tools I needed them to be mobile and reliable, however, I also needed it to

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Children Photography

Take better photos of your children and family

Children photography, how to do it better It’s summer, your kids are having fun getting dirty, or just being kids. Your camera in hand and you are ready to freeze those moments that will soon fade into the past. Sounds simple enough but anyone whoever photographed kids knows that it is a much harder than

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practical tips for successful wedding photos

Fact is, the bride & groom make all the difference on how well the wedding photos turn out. So what can you do to help your photographer achieve better results? In this article, I tried to focus on the practical few tips that can help, not only your photos but hopefully your overall wedding day

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