The Art of Portrait Photography, the makings of a beautiful portrait

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Articles are either my vocal opinions about all things photography or tutorial articles to who ever is interested.
Sivan amazing Bat Mitzvah Party theme


Developing post processing the heart and art of portrait photography

Beauty Photo Retouching

Post processing has always been an art form. It gives photographers the tools to artistically complement and enhance a photo after it was captured. Post processing helps us to either bring a photo closer to how we saw it or to emphasize a certain character to create a unique mood. It is truly the art of portrait photography. The makings of a beautiful portrait Photographers do all they can to capture the best photo when taking the shot. However, all photographers will tell you that, regardless of how good the photo comes out, it must go through some level of post processing. This should be done to each and every photo you, the client, receives as your final product. Simply put, in the digital era, 'post processing' or 'photo editing' is the equivalent of…


practical tips for successful wedding photos

Fact is, the bride & groom make all the difference on how well the wedding photos turn out. So what can you do to help your photographer achieve better results? In this article, I tried to focus on the practical few tips that can help, not only your photos but hopefully your overall wedding day experience. So let's dive into it. For more details read my article Better Wedding Photos. You will be nervous, and most likely a few things (some important) will not go as planned. Just know that that's normal, accept it, and know that all will be well. Engagement Session An engagement session can work wonders on your wedding photos simply because it will give you and the photographer the opportunity to get to know each other. Spending a couple of…

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